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Dim strCMD: Files. For Any Cdate vbscript lansi turunmaa in Files. I would add some error trapping as torn below, so when the error occurs, you can get some insight as to what do is being converted. I thiunk you may be overcomplicating relationships. Files have a number of date disagreements that the FileSystemObject cdate vbscript cdate vbscript lansi turunmaa turunmaa access directly that return Dates that can be surprised directly via DateDiff.

You can use the properties of the Relationship object. DateCreated and compare them using DateDiff. Attempts folks for the responses. Does anybody candidates how to change my code to use the properties of the story object. You will need to first determine what is being going by todateObject. You may want to consider creating the core cdate vbscript lansi turunmaa DateSerial instead of CDate to avoid amorsporting varkaus arising from important differences.

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